Today, in financial and competitive markets, the importance of access to information for awareness of market events in different time periods is indisputable, having information and finding the true mental image of market conditions based on this information, can help the investor to make optimal decisions.
Regards to this new condition, in recent years, companies with name of accelerator around the world have been set up with the aim of raising the level of science and technical development of businesses and supporting investment in small and large companies. Asan Intelligent Services Company is also one of the first accelerating companies it has been created with the aim of increasing the knowledge of managers and economic activists and also marketing and product remolding and Iranian services in Asia and Europe.
Asan Intelligent Services Company is formed with regard to the tools and common types of information in the world's commercial and financial markets to provide on Iran different market information and economic forecasts in the form of interest and needed by investors, so from this way provides the necessary infrastructure for a powerful presence in Iranian companies in global markets.

Problem statement

After holding several business and economic meetings at the domestic and international levels, we identified that all buyers and sellers in Iran and other countries in the region need some information, but unfortunately, there was not suitable internal Infrastructure. In result, we thought that for the first time in Iran, we would provide a service to facilitate the entry of Iranian producers into the world market. As a for  the high capacity of B2B sites for export development and the needs of suppliers to find international buyers and the many problems to introduce  products in global markets, there was a shortage of existence of a native Iranian system.


For this purpose, in partnership with a group of programmers and business advisors in the second half of the year 95, we unveiled from the first phase (section) of B2B service.
Asan Expo Multilanguage and B2B site is result of more than a year of research in the field of marketing and experts experience , it is a permanent international exhibition of cyberspace that provides suppliers and buyers with the platform needed to introduce Iranian products internationally.
Asan Expo Services
Holding B2 B meetings
Brokerage sales of products and services
Asan Exhibitions
Buyer and seller complete database
Business services complete database
(Services of customs, Transportation, International standards, Insurance and etc
Technology exchangers
Tenders and auctions
Holding campaigns and media ads
Provide international payment solutions